Who we are

Just one big family!

My name is Derek Schnarr and I am the Founder of Balance and Believe.  Fifteen years ago I found myself needing to make some serious changes with my life and found myself in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction.  After getting a tremendous education from Hazelden, I left with a clean mind and body and new philosophy on life.  It almost seems like a Buzz word these days but Balance is what I strive for everyday.  After a year of figuring out who and what I wanted to be, the answer came in the form of our youth.  I wanted to promote junior golf while raising money for the community.  I wanted to teach kids that even though entitlement is gaining momentum there is a platform for them to give back to people just like them.  YOUTH!  Balance & Believe started as a performance philosophy to get kids in balance on and off the golf course so they can reach peak performance in other areas of their lives.  Today hundreds of kids go through our golf program and then get involved with the platform provided by the Balance & Believe Foundation to give back to the community.

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